Monday, March 22, 2010

Why psychology and computer science should go together


  1. I don't see how psychology and computer science go together just by viewing your presentation, but maybe I have to understand more of your research.

  2. I have encountered either people working in the computer industry with psychology degree or even a college allowing people with psychology degrees admitted into computer science gradate degrees. The two degrees aren't interchangeable and deal with two different fields completely. Like anything really, you could find a way that they relate. Many people may choose to go into computers after graduating with a psychology degree since you can't do much with it without a graduate degree.

  3. Hi,
    I am completed my undergrad in Computer Science. Now, I want to get admission in such a field(Not in MS in CS) that might give me job not only coding.
    Actually, I can see my capability. I cannot do coding with good logic. So, I want to study such thing that might get me good job in IT company(My dream company is facebook, google, MS...)
    Is psychology is good option?
    Any other option?

  4. i am really confused how computer and psychology can be similar. maybe i did not understand video tutorial well. please share you experience with more text data so that i can clear my view.

  5. Google human computer interaction

  6. The two subjects do go hand in hand. Computers are used by humans, and humans use computers. Understanding how both of them are "programmed" and work together is extremely valuable. It allows you to create the proper UX (look up what that means) which will allow humans and computers to work together in the most efficient way possible. Two completely different subjects but they do compliment each other very well.


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