Friday, October 1, 2010


In Pharo, there's a very useful method String>expandMacrosWith:, virtually without documentation. It's much like printf in C. I guess it's easily understood from a few examples, so here go:

"<1s> is replaced by the first argument, a string.
<n> is a newline, <t> is a tab.
% escapes brackets."
'<1s><n><t>%<inject><n><t>^<1s>' expandMacrosWith: 'player'


"p calls printString":
'<1p>' expandMacrosWith: #(1 2 3)

'#(1 2 3)'

"? prints one string or another, depending on a Boolean"
'Dear <1?Mr:Mrs> <2s>, your contract has expired.'
expandMacrosWith: false with: 'Smith'

'Dear Mrs Smith, your contract has expired.'


  1. Actually this method originally comes from the refactoring engine. It is discussed in "Pharo by Example", if I remember correctly.


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